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Nine Sesame Street Characters Who are Anti-Vaxxers: The Last One Will Shock You

1. Elmo

It’s Elmo’s world, and we’re all just living in it. So since HE’s afraid of the microchip, be extra wary of his hoarse voice and other COVID symptoms.

2. Grover

This blue dolt is willing to take any risk, cape or no cape.

3. Abby Cadabby

She’s four freaking years old. Of course she doesn’t want a shot.

4. Mr. Snuffleupagus

Have you seen this guy? He hasn’t been anywhere near modern medicine.

5. Gordon

As one of the few humans on the show, he thinks he’s pretty safe in terms of in-person contact.

6. The Count

You’d think he’d be the most scientifically literate character, but think again. He’s stuck in the past along with hereditary primogeniture.

7. Ernie

Bert’s a tight-ass, but Ernie’s best friend is inanimate. Rubber ducky has made quarantine very enjoyable, and Ernie doesn’t want to let that go.

8. Oscar the Grouch

No, he’s not afraid of what’s in the vaccine. He just wants everyone to stay isolated and leave him the hell alone. But that resistance is to be expected compared to…

9. Big Bird

I KNOW. You didn’t see this one coming. Big Bird’s our fun little Big protagonist, and he’s supposed to be educating kids about responsibility. But have you ever really listened to what he says, and how condescending he sounds? He doesn’t want the vaccine because he thinks it’ll give him the Human Flu. The one upside is that his mouth is always 6 feet from everyone else’s.


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