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"Oh Wow- It's Fall and I'm Already Fat Again"

Fall really does sneak up on ya as they say. It’s only been fall for a few weeks, and to my surprise when I looked down today, I found I had a nice potbelly that I know wasn’t there earlier.

During the summer I typically try to keep my beach bod in order so I can hook up with hot beach babes (which I absolutely do), but as fall drifts by I start to tone down my rigorous conditioning and kitchen routines. Despite this, my revelation today was very unexpected – I guess as soon as I put food in my mouth it leaves my mind.

In the summer, my body is in a state of unbelievable attraction that nobody can deny. Now my body is more of a pile of mush with a level of questionable attraction that can potentially be denied.

Don’t get me wrong, I used to be fat but I’ve always managed to put myself back in a strict mode of hard work on my body. I guess as soon as the sweaters were busted out, I couldn’t resist my instincts.

Normally I can last until at least Thanksgiving before I look at myself in the mirror with disgust. Now I have to adjust even earlier to the return of my fat life. I must’ve gotten too accustomed to being the hottest piece of ass on the beach that I forgot what it means to enjoy food.


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