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“OMG Girly, You’re So Crazy!” Says Local Sorority Girl After Friend Orders Food

Madison is a large city with a sizable population, so odds are, some very strange things will happen from time to time. Whether it’s a sighting of the legendary Tunnel Bob, a surprisingly niche protest, or a drag race between two virgins in Honda Civics at 3 AM, Madison can be an odd place. However, for two local residents of Langdon street, nothing will top the events of this past Wednesday.

“We were just, like, on our way down State Street and she just… did that. My bestie just did that,” said Lindsay, a senior nursing major and witness to the events.

Despite the clear terror Lindsay expressed in her initial comments, she managed to push through and give The Misnomer a cohesive account of the events on that fateful night.

“Okay, so as I said, we were, like, going down State to get new gameday fits at the bookstore, and Katie just…” Lindsay recounted, fighting back tears. “She ordered from food from one of those weird truck things by the library.”

Although to the unassuming bystander this may seem innocuous, to Lindsay, her friend’s actions were deadly serious.

“I don’t think you guys get it, she just went up to that weird truck guy and got food. And I was like, ‘girlie you’re so crazy!’ because we literally had not been planning on getting food. It was totally random,” Lindsay said.

Beyond the fact that the food came from “some weird truck guy,” Lindsay was deeply concerned about how this action would affect their future plans.

“We were literally, like, two hours away from pregaming Sconnies at Brandon’s, so we were in a real time crunch. I was like, ‘Girlie, what if the food takes too long or your dad’s card gets declined again?’ but my bestie is just too crazy to care.”

Fortunately, the sorority sisters’ pregaming plans were not foiled and their night at Sconnie's was “literally a movie,” but Lindsay still worries for her friend’s mental health.

“This isn’t the first time that girly has just been absolutely crazy. Last weekend I saw a Snap of her standing on a table at a party, and the week before that she literally took off her shoes at a party. I just hope my bestie isn’t going too crazy,” Lindsay said.

Katie could not be reached for comment, although Lindsay fears she’s buying a textbook from the bookstore, or god forbid, online shopping.


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