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Only Student That Shows Up to Class Learns Truth About Professor

Freshman Ben McCormack did not heed the advice of his fellow classmates. He thought everyone saying “Yeah, I’m totally skipping the Wednesday lecture! It’s Thanksgiving break, bro!” was in jest. McCormack, in fact, did not skip Wednesday lecture, and for that, became forever changed. As the sole attendee, Ben learned the truth about his literature professor.

Both McCormack and his professor, Dr. Linden, adamantly refused to comment on the matter. When separately asked what happened, McCormack and Linden each solemnly responded by saying, “Until the end of our days, our silence shall remain intertwined.” While saying this, both parties looked to their hands which looked to be cut on the palm, similar to the ‘blood-oath’ style.

Bystanders that witnessed McCormack leaving the Van Hise classroom reported that it was clear to everyone that Ben was a new man.

“I’ve never seen someone look both unbelievably haunted and emotionally free at the same time. I honestly stopped in my tracks and did a double take just from the sheer power of his new aura,” said sophomore Jenny Mayfield.

McCormack’s roommate also noted a change in attitude from the typically goofy student.

“Right before I was going to leave for my bus, I said, ‘See ya Ben, have a dope Thanksgiving.’ I could barely hear his response, but I swear he whispered back, ‘Only he who pays his penance will receive thanks.’ I just said ‘Haha, cool,’ and got out of there,” said McCormack’s roommate.

Sources close to McCormack have said that since attending this lecture, floormates have heard faint shrieking coming from his dorm room, as well as the smell of ash and what one witness described as “sin long forgotten”.


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