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Professor Claiming to Present Both Sides Definitely a Democrat

UW-Madison sociology professor, Dr. F. Morris, prides himself on his ability to teach students to look at issues from multiple perspectives and to not just make blind decisions based on their political stances. Dr. Morris typically spends a class period discussing an issue and presenting its opposing sides, making sure that his students understand that many people have varying backgrounds and that he himself is a very tolerant, thoughtful Democrat.

“They’re just handouts,” argued a student one day when discussing social welfare programs. “People should be working for their money.”

Dr. Morris only nodded his head in attempt to validate the student’s point and continued with his lecture.

“Of course, 98% of scientists claim global warming is caused by humans,” the professor continued, and taking a deep, pained breath continued, “but it’s important to look at why those 2% think it’s not.”

After one student raised their hand and asked about what efforts can be made by young people to help the environment, Dr. Morris went on to excitedly explain each project he had worked on with the Sierra Club, which took up the remaining class time.

“Volunteer work is key in making efforts to save the earth,” explained the professor. “Everybody should do at least some environmental volunteer work in their life...except, of course, if they don’t agree that the earth needs it.”

As the class filed out of the room, Dr. Morris could be heard shouting “Vote Evers!” to each student walking past.


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