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Recovered coma patient praises sleek look of Student Center app

Mark DeLonge, 46, praised the Student Center Application this week, saying it “looks great!” only hours after emerging from a coma which has claimed his life since 1992.

“It’s so sleek and modern,” DeLonge stated. “It looks like everything I wished the internet could be someday.”

DeLonge admits that his time on the internet was limited to the early 90’s, as his only access was in his old neighbor Brad’s basement computer. He reported “just browsing around” as one of his favorite activities.

“Everything was just so blocky-looking and unappealing back then,” DeLonge says, “nothing like the high-tech, clean designs we have now.”

DeLonge states that his time spent on the modern internet has been exclusively limited to the Student Center application thus far, but he hopes that he’ll be able to explore more of the internet’s many sites soon enough.

“I can’t wait to reconnect with my AOL Messenger friends. I wonder how Sergei, one of the guys I met from Yugoslavia, is doing.


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