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"Red, Red, Red," says Student Athlete Picking Out an Outfit

Because of their world-renowned high levels of school pride, UW-Madison students can always be seen all over campus wearing Badger gear. But for some, simply wearing red and white crewnecks or hats is not enough. For the elite, brave student athletes on campus, wearing anything other than head-to-toe red is an attack against the university.

“Honestly, it takes me at least 30 minutes to pick out my red outfit each morning,” said Jake Hemmings, a hockey player for the university. “Like, what am I supposed to do? Walk to my classes wearing a pair of red pants that’s a shade lighter than my red jacket? I might lose my scholarship for that, man.”

Many student athletes have reported that they feel uncomfortable owning any garment of clothing or accessory that is not Badger-red. Sophomore volleyball player Amanda Reed came forward saying that she can’t imagine a world where she’s okay wearing colors other than red.

“It just kills me to disrespect our amazing school by wearing a blue bra underneath my red Under Armor shirt, red t-shirt, red parka, and red backpack when I’m on the bus. I may as well be screaming ‘I want to shoot Bucky’ at the top of my lungs. God, it gives me chills just thinking about it,” Reed said.


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