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Student already fantasizing about obliterating TA with scournful eval

Image courtesy of UW Madison

On the first discussion section for a group of English 304 students, TA Miachael Abrams left a poor impression with student Anna Larkin.

“Already everybody, let’s toss this ball around and say each others names,” said Abrams. “After that, maybe we can talk about why you took this course and what you’re hoping to get out of it.”

Abrams’ optimism was met with the blank stares of students uninterested, and none more uninterested than Larkin. After class, Larkin could be heard explaining her disdain for Abrams attempts at engaging her.

“What am I, five?” said Larkin. “I’m not here to toss a ball around. Just tell me to read or something I don’t know. Don’t be quirky. It’s annoying.”

Before Larkin’s next lecture began, she drafted up a scathing evaluation to give him at the end of the semester.

“Unqualified. Uncool. Unbearable. 0’s across the board. I will personally see to it that you never ask your students to toss a ball around again.”


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