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Student at “Lax Bros and Preppy Hoes” party shocked, saddened by friends’ #MeToo status

While attending his fraternity’s annual “Lax Bros and Preppy Hoes” fall party, University of Wisconsin student Danny Bradford said he was “so disgusted and, like, sad” in response to several of his female friends posting their Facebook statuses as “#MeToo.” The women updated their statuses in order to acknowledge their experiences with rape and rape culture, and support the rising anti-sexual assault movement.

“It’s just such a… bummer, you know?” said Bradford, scrolling through his Facebook feed, “These people are my friends, and it sucks that they have to even publicly acknowledge their traumatic experiences in order for guys to begin to understand something they experience every day. Who knew, right? Oh shit, check out this girl’s profile pic. Damn, she used to be fat but she’s really hot now.”

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Bradford and his fraternity brothers decided to be more conscientious of their interactions with women. Their first step was to change the narrative of the way they approached party themes.

While they kept the “Lax Bros and Preppy Hoes” theme because it is “a classic” according to Bradford, he pointed out the strides his fraternity made in only the past few weeks to give the women attending their parties more authority.

“Two weeks ago we were gonna have a ‘CEOs and Office Hoes’ party,” Bradford said, “but we wanted the girls coming to our parties to feel empowered, so we changed the theme to ‘CEOs and CEHoes,’ because the girls can be in top positions too. Ha, ‘top positions.’ I wish the girls I went out with liked being in top positions. Get it? Like when I have sex with them.”

Bradford’s friend, Peter Stevenson, believes Bradford’s fraternity is not doing enough to acknowledge the rape culture that is so prevalent on campus. Stevenson is not affiliated with any fraternity, but feels that he is also responsible to be a better ally to women as a result of this movement.

“CEOs and CEHoes? Man, Bradford’s a good guy but he’s such a frat bro. He doesn’t get it. As the son of a woman and the brother of two sisters, I totally understand the concept that women are probably people who might deserve basic human rights too.”


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