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Student Org Fair Can't Handle Real Journalism, Bans the Misnomer

Local journalism is dying, and the UW-Madison campus is no exception to this phenomenon. The Madison Misnomer was banned from the Spring 2022 Student Org Fair and will not be welcome in the Kohl Center during Fall 2022 either.

While CfLI couches this unconstitutional ban in language like “your organization did not follow the procedures and stole a table from the Data Analysis club, violating the rules of basic line following you learned in elementary school,” our investigative team has uncovered the real reason: an attack on Freedom of Speech.

It is a grave sign for journalism when even esteemed media outlets like the Misnomer are shut out of the most important local events. Our journalists needed to stock up on important materials, like pens, magnets, and giant yellow maps. We were prevented from investigating the hottest topics on campus, like how many improv groups can yell over 100 decibels and which WUD committee is actually the quirkiest.

It is within the context of the global war against truth that our publication vows to renew our commitment to the first amendment and our comrades in the fourth estate. You can take the journalist out of the org fair, but you can’t shut me up.


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