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Student Places Natty Under Pillow in Hopes of Visit From Mifflin Fairy

Junior Adam Murdock placed a special can of Natty Light under his pillow on Friday night in hopes that it would attract the attention of the Mifflin Fairy. Legend has it that if a good Badger puts a Natty under their pillow on Mifflin Eve, they'll be blessed by the Mifflin Fairy with good fortune and no post-Mifflin hangover.

"My friend got visited by the Mifflin Fairy two years ago," said Murdock. "Then, at Mifflin, he was unstoppable. He didn't even need a beer bong to beer bong; someone just poured a beer from a balcony and he caught all of it in his mouth."

Sightings of the Mifflin Fairy have been difficult to verify, but most accounts describe it as an eight inch tall drunk man with a jersey on his back and a smile on his face.

"Yeah, I know its probably just a fairy-tale," said Murdock. "But hey, even if that's the case I'll still wake up with a warm Natty to start my day with. That's good enough for me."


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