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Student Switches Out of 8AM to Avoid Having to Look Presentable For Hot TA

Freshman Macy Stallman is known for being a little boy-crazy, but her friends say that she’s stooped to a new low this semester. Stallman reported that the TA, Jeremy, for her 8 AM discussion section was way too hot to see her at anything but her best, so she swapped discussions.

“I mean, yeah, the 8 AM had three of my closest friends in it and was the only one that made sense with my schedule, but it’s not like I’m going to put on jeans before noon, ya know?” said Stallman on the matter.

After finding Jeremy’s instagram, Stallman told friends that she had found her soulmate and that she would “move heaven and Earth for him.” This meant that Stallman switched into the 6 PM discussion section with a TA she deemed allowed to see her without mascara on.

“Like, I totally get that some people wouldn’t prefer to be in a discussion that definitely conflicts their job, but that’s just what Jer-bear means to me,” said Stallman while drawing hearts around his name in her notebook. “And yeah, all of my BFFs are saying I should’ve just stayed in the 8 AM with him, but for real, I would have to wake up like 20 minutes earlier to put on makeup and brush my hair! Like, I’m in love, but I’m not a psycho! I’d rather sleep in the 20 minutes and spend an hour tracking him down after lecture!”


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