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Study finds one in six UW Madison apartments has that one A$AP Rocky poster in it

A study conducted on the lifestyles of Madison students found a surprising similarity across many UW apartments and houses. While eating habits, sleep patterns, and levels of cleanliness all varied widely, an average of 1 in 6 homes had that one A$AP Rocky poster.

A higher rate poster appearance was found in fraternity houses, as one of every three was found containing the poster.

“Yea man, A$AP is dope. I really relate to him, he’s a true G.” said Alpha Phi Gamma fraternity president James “Jimmy” Mullins, a white student from the suburbs of Manitowoc.

Another correlation with an appearance of the A$AP Rocky poster was the willingness to admit that one “smokes weed.” Those apartments containing the poster had residents more likely to admit to smoking marijuana as well as list of the names of their dealers, bringing attention to the fact that they had multiple on hand.

While the A$AP poster was common, many students were seen getting more creative with their wall art.

“That A$AP poster is everywhere, have some originality!” said sophomore Kate Witson, sporting a John Belushi “College” poster on her living room wall.


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