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“The Usual?” Asks Condescending Applebee’s Waitress on Thanksgiving

When Mark Reynolds walked into his local Applebee’s this Thanksgiving, he was expecting a friendly welcome as a dedicated patron of the establishment. What Reynolds got, however, was a holiday surprise that turned his Turkey Day, into chopped liver.

Reynolds sat himself down, as he does every Thursday, in the booth right next to the bathrooms. But when his regular waitress Deb arrived, Reynolds was not ready for what she had to serve.

“Hey Mark, the usual?” Deb asked.

Reynolds was not too keen on his waitress’ lack of holiday cheer. He reportedly fled the restaurant out of shame immediately after. But this doesn’t mean that Reynolds won’t be speaking up on this issue.

“If I wanted to feel worthless and alone today, I would’ve gone to my mother’s,” Reynolds commented. “I just expected more from Deb. More from Applebee’s.”

Reynolds has started a petition entitled “Burn the Washington Avenue Applebee’s To The Ground.” His one holiday wish, he’d like to share, is to make sure that such maltreatment never happens again on such holy grounds.

“Some things are sacred. I won’t be getting Half Priced Apps again anytime soon,” Reynolds said.


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