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Theta Chi punished with having to harass women at other parties

UW Madison fraternity Theta Chi has been suspended following sexual harassment charges. As part of the punishment, Theta Chi is no longer allowed to host parties, which makes them unable to harass women from comfort of their own home. The members of Theta Chi be forced to look to the other 33 neighboring fraternities on campus to get their fill.

Also as part of the punishment, members of Theta Chi will have to complete workshops on consent. The workshops will reportedly include multiple in depth lessons on “not giving date rape drugs to girls at your party”.

“Who is the university to tell me what to do,” said Theta Chi member Tim Mills. “Nobody asked me to do this, I was forced to. It’s so unfair.”

The suspension will end in October 2018, at which point they will be put on probation and will have to choose their sexual harassment victims responsibly or be punished even further. If Theta Chi accidentally harasses someone who would report it, UW Madison may terminate Theta Chi entirely, inhibiting them from ever committing sexual harassment at a party in their own home. If Theta Chi can keep their violations secret until November 25th, 2018, their suspension will be lifted and it will be back to business as usual.

Theta Chi will not be allowed to admit a fall 2018 pledge class, so any young Badgers who want to sexually harass someone in the Theta Chi house will have to wait an extra few months.


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