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Top 6 Sexiest Pajamas for Christmas Morning with the Fam

So you’re stuck at home for Christmas with just your immediate family. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to impress!

Mom is still going to take embarrassing pictures of her children and their presents on Christmas morning. Instead of train sets and American Girl dolls, it’ll be the renewal of your intangible Spotify account and a biography from Dad you’ll never read. But Mom’s definitely going to show all her humiliating photos to every one of your future significant others and a few unfortunate souls in the grocery store line, so here’s our top 6 sexy Christmas morning looks.

6. Lingerie.

Not a horrible choice, but it’s been done before. And baby, it’s cold outside.

5. Onesie.

Onesies sure are making a comeback for the college-age demographic. However, since you don’t want people to know that’s all you’ve worn since March, it’s not exactly putting your best fabric-cladded foot forward.

4. Nightcap and gown.

Grandparents are onto something here. Keep your ears toasty and warm while showing off your sexy legs!

3. Your clothes from yesterday.

You’ll look better than all your idiot family members wearing pajamas because you actually got dressed for the occasion! Little do they know that you just blacked out on Christmas Eve eggnog and never changed in the first place.

2. Matching pajamas with your siblings.

It’s a retro look. Even better if you dig out the ones Mom bought for all of you 10 years ago to really make your curves POP.

1. Full nude.

It’s called a birthday suit for a reason. What better way to celebrate the birth of Christ than to grace your family Christmas morning with the splendor of your naked body? Additional benefits: it’s the least work you’ll ever do getting dressed and mom’s photos will be totally unusable!


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