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Uh-Oh! Local Man Talks About His Girlfriend Selling Girl Scout Cookies

It’s everyone’s favorite time of year: Girl Scout cookie season! It’s everyone’s favorite limited-time guilty pleasure. However, for local student, Peter Phyl, this joyful time of year has brought only misery.

Peter was in class when he overheard some classmates talking about Girl Scout cookies. Peter chimed in that he could procure some for them. Peter took out an order form and had his classmates write down their order. One astute and nosy classmate noticed that the last name on the order form did not match Peter’s. The classmate reports remembering Peter mentioning that he was an only child during the icebreaker on the first day of class. Curiosity eventually got the better of the classmate, and he asked Peter whose form it was. “Oh, it’s my girlfriend’s,” Peter replied, thinking nothing of it. Peter’s classmates exchanged glances before passing the order sheet back to Peter with only 1 box of Thin Mints ordered.

Peter was still determined to get more sales and started soliciting in more of his classes. Peter saw great success in his other classes until he made the comment: “My girlfriend’s going to be so excited to see all these orders.” Afterwards, Peter saw a huge decline in sales and also found himself sitting alone in most lectures.

We spoke with Peter to find out more. “I just don’t get what people’s deal is. I just want to support my cute little girlfriend," Peter stated. “She just wants to set a good example as Troop Leader."


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