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UW Administration Approves $15 Student Minimum Wage

Badgers rejoice! In a shocking turn of events, the university has finally listened to the Associated Students of Madison and has approved a $15 minimum wage for all students working on campus.

After the results of the most recent referendum showed overwhelming support for the wage increase, UW’s merry band of wannabe bureaucrats actually managed to break through to the administration (after the university failed to overhaul UWPD, or hold Becky liable for last year’s preventable COVID outbreaks, or reschedule classes so we wouldn’t be in school on Rosh Hashanah, or—well, you get it).

We at the Madison Misnomer are typically the first to jump on an opportunity to stick it to the powerful, but today we don’t even want to try. We’re just so excited student wages will finally increase thanks to our activism! Our voices actually matter! The system works!

The craziest part about this whole story is that we—the Madison Misnomer—were the ones to break it. Not any other outlet that supposedly pedals “news.” The Daily what? The Badger who? From now on, don’t trust the legacy media on campus to keep you updated. If you want a totally reputable source of 100% real news, just follow us on Instagram.


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