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UW Announces Fall Classes to be Taught on Both Land and Sea

With the uncertainty of COVID-19 slowly dissipating, UW-Madison has been planning their foray into the new world. This planning includes deciding the new format that classes will be held in for Fall 2021.

There are quite a few options available including fully in person, fully online, a hybrid of the two, or for those unsatisfied by the current selection, there are some new methods UW is exploring. These new methods include a Land option and a Sea option.

“By offering classes taught by both land and sea we are hoping to appeal to a larger variety of students,” Chancellor Becky Blank told The Madison Misnomer in an exclusive interview. “Students who identify as landlubbers will be able to enjoy the same quality classes that our more ocean-inclined can.”

Students can easily filter by “land” or “sea” in the Course Enroll widget in MyUW to choose what best fits their needs. Students choosing the “sea” option are required by the university to enroll in an extra water safety Canvas module before the fall semester begins.

When asked to clarify how many students were interested in the taught-by-sea option, Chancellor Blank responded “no comment” before turning away to feed her tank of piranhas.


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