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UW to Offer Class Where Girls with MacBooks Shop Online for Entire Power Lecture

The UW System was proud to announce a new course added to the curriculum for the Spring 2020 semester where any girl with a MacBook can shop the entire time while hardly pretending to pay attention. 

SHOP103: “Intro to Feigning Giving a Shit” is the brainchild of professor Peiting Tenshin, who believes there’s talent in putting in effort to show up to class but window shop the entire 150 minute lecture. 

“We want young women to reach their fullest potential,” Tenshin said, “but they’re unable to do so when they’re wasting their time in lecture by listening to whatever academic nonsense the professor is spouting at them.”

Tenshin is hopeful that this is only the beginning for UW-Madison’s newest addition to the curriculum.

“We might add a class to help men who are looking at Fantasy Football statistics someday,” Tenshin added, “but I don’t want to get too ambitious all at once.” 

“We’re currently looking into expanding this into its own certificate, possibly even a major someday,” Tenshin stated. She hopes to add classes like FONE201 and NAP405 by Fall 2021.


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