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Week Off From Drinking in Madison Spent Drinking Somewhere Else

As spring break continues, many UW-Madison students are enjoying travel their travel. While their destinations may differ, most students are doing the same thing they’d be doing in Madison, only in a different, slightly warmer, location.

“Yeah I’ve been drinking myself to unconsciousness like I’d do any other week, but this time there’s sand involved” said Brock Higgins, a senior at UW Madison who’s traveling to Florida for break. “Like four of my roommates came with me, so it’s pretty much exactly like any other time we hang out, but costs several thousand dollars more”.

UW students expressed their excitement at being able to party at new run-down, sticky frat houses, and are already meeting new boring people to drink with.

“It’s lit,” said Sophomore Shannon Bruner, “I’m in San Fran for break and the people here are exactly like the people back in Madison. I can’t wait to get bored of what they’re saying and wish I was somewhere else. That’s really what spring break is all about.”

Even students who didn’t travel share the excitement for spring break, saying they were relieved to have a much-needed break from ignoring readings and skipping class, which they said wears students down quick.

“I mean there’s only so many lectures a guy can sleep through before he starts to ask himself, ‘what is this all for?’, ya know?” said senior Jared Knowles. “I’m just glad I finally get to take a break from taking breaks, and allow myself to take a break for once.”


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