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"What a Nice Sport Game" says Horse Disguised as Student at Football Game

With Badger football season arriving in full swing, students, alumni, and fans of all sizes pour into Camp Randall; big and small, equestrian and human. With fun traditions and cute dances, the student section is always a coveted place to experience the game.

“What a nice sport game,” said one horse, disguised as a student. “Watch as I clap my human hands to create noise when the ball is thrown.”

After the Badgers scored a touchdown during the second quarter, students screamed, alumni roared. “I must shout to show excitement,” said the horse, neighing and bucking uncontrollably.

As third quarter came around, the horse began to use his disguised feet to “do the jump around.”

“I can jump like the rest of the humans,” said the horse, as hooves clattered clumsily on the cement floors of the stadium, sending surrounding students scattering.

“This kid is one dedicated fan,” said a nearby student about the horse whose two hooves had begun to protrude from its trench coat after uncontrollable jumping. “He’s probably a senior.”

The fourth quarter ended with the Badgers in the lead. “The humans on our side are victorious,” said the horse, excitedly pooping on the stadium floors. “I shall make more human noises now, just as a human student would do.”


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