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“Why Even Have Diversity Clubs?” says Straight, Cis White Man

Diversity is what administration insists is a hallmark of UW campus life, and there are a wide array of clubs to allow students from marginalized groups to find friends with similar experiences. However, this entire paradigm is in jeopardy thanks to the radical thoughts of one brave white man. “I mean, if I can’t be a part of a club for LGBTQ or POC students, isn’t that actually discrimination against me as a straight, white guy? I feel like that’s the real racism,” asked Bradley, a freshman in the business school.

Despite claims by many groups on and off campus that safe spaces for marginalized groups can help protect and support students that might feel isolated by the overwhelmingly white UW Campus, Bradley thinks otherwise. “I mean, why do all these people have to be such snowflakes? I’ve never walked into a room and not seen someone that looks like me, so I can’t imagine anyone having that experience!” He said, “all these SJWs are ruining the campus vibes, deadass”

Beyond the “snowflake shit” that this radical thinker is crusading against, Bradley also has a major problem with these groups being largely exclusive to people who share a minority identity. “I mean, I think lesbians are hot! Like I love lesbians… so why can’t I join an LGBT group just because I’m straight? Isn’t really liking lesbians enough? This is a classic case of heterophobia.”

Beyond sexuality, Bradley thinks that UW has a serious problem with anti-whiteness. “Don’t get me started on all that BLM stuff, like I get that black lives matter or whatever, but don’t white lives matter too? Why aren’t we talking about that?”

Although his opinions remain on the fringes of UW campus life, Bradley hopes that with time he can make a change on campus. “I just want UW-Madison to be a place where white men like me can feel supported again. Is that too much to ask?”


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