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Wisconsin Institute of Discovery yet to discover wifi

The Wisconsin Institute of Discovery (WID) has been known for years as a leader in research and data science discovery. The building hosts over ten labs, and recently has seen breakthroughs in text mining with the tool “KinderMining.” With the amount of computer science taking place in the WID, University of Wisconsin students are left noticing a gap in innovation. The WID has struggled, and ultimately left much to be desired, in the area of providing basic wifi to students in the building.

    While many are reported feeling disheartened by the lag in this technology, some say they have seen progress in the journey to internet connection.

“Last week I was in the WID and I saw two networks available!” says junior Latisha Menrey. “My phone tried to connect for a whole three minutes, before finally switching back to LTE. The progress they’re making is really exciting.”

Research Director Amelia Banks is coordinating the multidisciplinary effort to implement a building-wide wifi system. She reports that delays are primarily resulting from lack of funding.

“It’s hard to write grants when you are continually getting data overage charges,” says Banks.

While there is a long road to wifi, Banks says, the WID is already looking into future projects.

“Once we have cracked the wifi code we hope to move onto the age old battle

of providing adequate seating,” says Banks.


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