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Woman makes difference by pressing crosswalk button for third time

The group of 14 students waiting to cross needed a hero. It had been over 20 seconds since Sophomore Micah Lasseter pressed the crosswalk button to no avail. Hope was all but lost when Lasseter made the unexpected move of pushing the sign again, and then waiting a bit and pressing it once more.

“The fluorescent red hand was taunting me,” Lasseter said. “Time slowed to the point where I could barely tell cars were passing. Did I really press it the first time? I mean of course I did, but did I really?”

Junior Randall Swan has come forward praising Lasseter’s decision to press the button again.

“I heard the first beep and I was like ‘oh, ok’” Swan said. “Then some time went by and she pressed it again. I felt so safe. My life was in her hands, and I like those odds.”

“Wait,” the crosswalk sign said after her second push, but it was clear that Lasseter was not going to take that for an answer. After 15 more seconds, she pressed it again, and the crosswalk sign immediately switched to the friendly green pedestrian.

Rather than walking across the street, Lasseter was triumphantly carried across by her peers as they chanted her name to the sky.


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