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Zeta Zeta Alpha sorority pulls off ‘Sexy Nativity Scene” group costume

Zeta Zeta Alpha Sorority, known for their creative and sexy Halloween costumes, has just announced their plans for their latest group costume: the sexy Nativity Scene.

The sorority plans to include two angels, three sheep, two cows, three Wise Men, Joseph, Mary, and Baby Jesus, all of whom will be “super sexy,” according to Sorority President Jessica Macey.

The idea reportedly came out of a night of heavy binge drinking at an unofficial sorority party. After a unknown number of jaeger bombs, the president decided that she wanted to think as far out of the box as possible.

“There’s just, like, a lot of pressure on us to do something new and interesting, and I thought that it would be super different to merge the two best holidays. Everybody loves Christmas, and everybody loves Halloween, so it’s literally perfect,” she said.

There were some hindrances in the plan’s development, however, as not all roles were viewed as desirable by the sisters.

“Getting all the sexy barn animals was super easy, and talking some people into being sexy Wise Men was a bit harder, but getting a sexy Baby Jesus was really hard. Literally no one wanted to do it,” she said. “Eventually we got a guy from the frat next door to do it. He’s already got a shaved head, so his costume is basically wearing a diaper and showing off his really sick abs.”

Outside of filling the roles, the Nativity Scene plan did generate some waves within the sorority. According to Jessica, there were some dissenting voices that suggested that there was a reason why it hasn’t been done.

“They were all like, ‘It’s sacrilegious’ and ‘I can’t even’ and ‘Is it weird to sexualize a baby?,’ but we went ahead with the plan anyway,” Jessica said.

Potential backlash from the general public has made some of the sisters concerned, but the president remains unconvinced that there will any controversy at all.

“Honestly, I think Christians will approve,” she said. “We’re celebrating their culture. It’s like when we dress up as Native Americans, and that doesn’t offend anybody.”

Local churches could not be reached for comment, but Jessica assures us that she has a Christian friend, and he’s “totally cool” with it.


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