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Biggest Inflation in 30 Years? Seems to Me Like the Government Hasn’t Seen My Tumblr Drawings Yet

Oh no! How could this happen? The US economy has “inflated” by 6%. Economists all over are saying things like, “This is the largest rate of inflation we’ve seen!” “This is going to hurt the wellbeing of the American people!” and “How can we fix it?”

Give me a break. First off, there’s nothing wrong with inflation! I love it. I have been drawing it and uploading it on Tumblr for years, but the economy does it once and that’s all people talk about. How could 6% be the largest they’ve ever seen? I’ve inflated Nicole Watterson by at least 80% 3 times over! That’s way bigger than six percent!

I will give it to those “economists” though, I have definitely been told that inflation harms the American people. What they don’t realize is that not only do I make inflation for pleasure, but also for business. So, clearly there is a demand and I’m just supplying. If you ask this reporter, he’d say his inflation work, if anything, stimulates the economy.


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