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Brave Heterosexual Male Musters Up Courage to Acknowledge Male Friend's Haircut

Nothing like a first week of December haircut. Start the month feeling fresh, but gives you enough time to adjust to the different amounts of airflow you receive before finals. Michael Chasley was thinking just this when he got his hair cut this weekend, but what happened next shocked him.

He was sitting on the couch watching Sports Center after the haircut, reminding himself that he can be a manly man and still love the way Jessica, his stylist, makes him look, when his roommate walked through the front door.

Mason, a 6 ft 4 full-on heterosexual, barrelled into the room, took one look at Michael and said, “Nice haircut, Mike.”

Michael felt every emotion, from elation that someone liked the fresh new do he spent weeks debating over to rage that Mason would dare comment about his hair. Men can’t compliment other men’s appearances. Or can they?

The rest of the day carried on like usual for the boys: eating a dinner of meat, playing sport games, watching a sport game, and talking about women folk who they grunt and flex their muscles at. For Michael, however, things would never be the same.

Mason acknowledged how he looked. Mason said something nice to him. He knew Mason was his best friend, but do best friends really compliment each other? These thoughts raced through Michael’s mind the rest of the night, and as he was falling asleep he ran into a terrifying inquiry: what would he do when Mason got HIS haircut?


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