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CDC Says Communal Food Troughs to be Open at 100% by June

With the warming weather and multiple COVID vaccines approved for use by the public, things are starting to look up in the US. A harsh year of social distancing, limited capacity and take-out only restaurants has taken a toll on the public, and people are ready as ever to get back out there and gorge themselves.

With the end of the pandemic nearly in sight, restrictions are beginning to loosen up. One of the first things to close back in March 2020 was one town’s beloved communal food troughs.

“Obviously when one thinks ‘food trough’, sanitary and COVID-friendly are not the first words to come to mind,” said Mindy Waters, owner of Ma and Pa’s Food Trough. “But with all of us gettin’ our vaccines and washin’ the trough more often, I think it’s perfectly safe to open back up. And although we are eatin’ outta the same trough, we do use our own silverware. And the trough is now gonna be washed after each party eats outta it.”

The CDC is slowly adding to the list of businesses able to safely re-open with proper COVID restrictions. In most places restaurants are open at 50% capacity, and other non-essential businesses are opening back up as well. Waters was unsure of where her food trough fit into the equation and took matters into her own hands, contacting the CDC herself. After some initial confusion about what a “food trough” is, the CDC gave her a concrete answer.

According to the CDC, communal food troughs should be able to safely open at 100% capacity by June if COVID cases stay on the decline. Waters was overjoyed by the news, announcing it on her restaurant’s Facebook page immediately. To celebrate their reopening, Ma and Pa’s is advertising 50% off your first two troughs of food and is expecting a high turnout of customers. You won’t want to miss it!


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