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Elon Musk Finalizes Purchase of Madison Misnomer

Earlier today Elon Musk completed his purchase of The Madison Misnomer. Satire publication now joins electric car manufacturers, space exploration, neurotechnology, Twitter and many more industries under Musk’s CEO umbrella. This isn’t the first time Musk has tried to buy a satire publication founded in Madison. Musk did try to buy The Onion back in 2018 until they told him to “fuck off” and he decided college students were more susceptible to exchanging intellectual property for money.

Talks to buy the Misnomer commenced in April earlier this year and a purchase contract was signed by the end of the month. However, Musk later tried to back out of the deal citing the Misnomer did not disclose the number of bots on the site, claiming the Misnomer artificially inflated their number of one gajillion site visits monthly. However, Musk later backed down from these allegations and finalized the purchase.

Musk has revealed plans to cut the Madison Misnomer staff by 75%, leaving only the best and brightest—a freshman and their broken laptop charger—which Musk assures will only strengthen the publication. Musk has already fired some top executives of the Misnomer, including those responsible for the infamous banning of cum from the publication. Many theorize Musk will seek to let cum jokes flow aplenty from the platform and many others that some claim to have been censored by the Misnomer.

Editor's Note: While we look forward to our new partnership, The Madison Misnomer will continue our unbiased reporting. Elon Musk has no oversight over the publication. God-Emperor Elon only controls our funding, publicity, and our right to exist. Daddy Musk is not immune from our criticism that he’s too hot for this solar system and his unique combination of genius and looks is too ahead of our time.

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