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“Gender And Women’s Studies Is Useless” Says Boy Whose Single Mom Fills his Wiscard

Devan Mansfield, 20, a self-proclaimed “meninist,” went on a rant on twitter last week about the uselessness of the Gender and Women’s Studies degree only hours after his mother transferred money into his wiscard account.

“There’s no reason to study it! It’s complete garbage,” explained Mansfield, after purchasing food from a Badger Market, swiping his wiscard without thinking twice about where the money came from. Sent to him from his loving mother who has been working to pay expenses for him on two full-time jobs since his father left 19 years ago, food bought indirectly by Mansfield’s mother gave him the nutritions necessary to go on his tirade. “It has no practical applications.”

Mansfield’s mother, Gina A. Weber, had been studying Political Science and Pre-law her Sophomore year, but dropped out after becoming pregnant by Mansfield's father. Since then she has been working to make her son more successful than her as he enters his third year of being a either a business or economics major.

“I may not have decided my major yet, but at least it’s not whatever the hell women’s studies is,” says Mansfield, who has received nothing but love and care from his fiscally struggling mother. “When the hell would I apply the inherent discrimination facing women in a modern society? Hello? I’m a man? It’s just stupid.”

Mansfield went on to give advice to his female counter-parts, saying “suck it up” and he’s “never been discriminated against,” all while his mother cleaned a table at her assistant-manager job at an Olive Garden at 12:32AM on a Sunday. She would have to go to her other job to open a Pick n Save later that same day so she could send enough money for Mansfield to be able to live off the food she indirectly buys for him weekly.


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