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Jen Makes Sure to Stock Up on Cancun Thirst Traps

Making her way down to Cancun for spring break this year, Senior Jen Raleigh is making sure to increase on her stockpile of thirst traps for the rest of the winter season.

“Oh my god I look amazing in this one!” said Raleigh, looking at shots of herself posing on the beach in a two-piece bikini.

“Awww look at the puppy” Raleigh exclaimed, elegantly using the frame of the puppy to guide the eye back to her. “He looks so happy!”

Raleigh had been hoping that the trip would allow for her back catalog to be filled up for the rest of winter, a season where no one can dress for Instagram thirst without making it too obvious.

“This one’s gonna say ‘Beach Vibes #beachvibes,” Jen told her photographing friend. The photo in question was of her laying on the beach as the out-of-focus sunset.


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