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Local Woman Surprised to Hear Herself Think

Oftentimes, things people don’t know they are missing make them happiest. There's no one that this applies to more than junior Casey Morgans. Casey is a material sciences and engineering major used to living and working around men with the least experience with other genders. All that changed when she took developmental psychology for a social sciences credit, and was placed in a section that had no male students.

For the first time in Casey's life, she was able to sit in a classroom and hear herself think, uninterrupted by her classmates' passionate need for her to know they are smart “sigma” males. In discussion sections, she was even able to explain more than a sentence of her answer without a man “piggybacking” or disagreeing with her unfinished conclusions.

“It was insane,” states Casey. “They handed out an in-class reading and I actually got to read it all the way through. No one complained about the topic or decided they were going to lead the discussion. Everyone just sat quietly and did their own work! I can actually think about what I want to say instead of just having to fight to get participation points. I think if men would just start leaving me alone in class I would have a Nobel prize.”

When asked what her plans were now that she has been temporarily freed from male mediocrity, Casey says she is going to go for a walk and hear what birdsong sounds like: something she’s never experienced before.


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