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Nonbinary? I Don’t Care as Long as You’re Coming to the Barbecue

Gender identity is a complicated topic, especially for people that fall under the trans umbrella. With everything from hormones, to surgery, to using different pronouns on the table, it can be tough to know what to do. This is especially in the face of TERFS and dudes that carry briefcases to class that insist that your very identity is a debate. However, to one local dad, none of this matters as long as his kid can make it to the cookout.

John, a local dad, has not put a ton of thought into gender theory, but knows one thing for certain: “Listen, I’m not sure what’s going on in the kid’s head, but I do know that they’re in desperate need of a burger or one of these dogs that I’m cooking up!”. Upon being asked his pronouns John responded, “Uh, he? I think?”

John’s child, Ellis, who recently came out as non-binary, was concerned how their parents would react, especially their dad. “Dad has always been accepting, but it’s scary to talk about such a major revelation. When I told him, “Dad, I’m nonbinary, he responded 'Hi non-binary!, I’m Dad' and that relieved all my worries.”

Although John was hazy on the definitions of trans and nonbinary, he wanted to make it clear that he supported Ellis no matter what, “I tried to tell them that I definitely kissed a couple guys in the 80s before I met their mother, but they said that wasn’t quite the same,” John said. John for the record claims to be straight, saying, “the 80s were a crazy time, you had to be there to get it.”

Despite initial hesitation, John has made the switch to his Ellis’ preferred pronouns and is excited for this new chapter in their life and relationship. “You know, I don’t care what your preferred pronouns are, I just need to know if you’d prefer ketchup or mustard for that burger!” To a community that has faced wave after wave of discrimination, this confused but well meaning dad is a welcome relief.


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