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Op-Ed: My Partner Is a Marvel Fan, so I Should Be Able to Claim Them as a Dependent on My Taxes

First off, let me just say I love my partner to death. They’re my whole world and they’ve supported me through thick and thin. That being said, the government should give financial compensation to me and all other regular, tax paying adults who have to put up with the Marvel fandom. If I am dragged to another Ant Man “movie” or forced to sit through another monologue given by green Zoe Saldana, I am going to declare bankruptcy.

It’s not like the movies are totally unwatchable. I just can’t stand their Marvel friends, and the people who show up at the midnight premiere to yell at women. Speaking of the premieres, I should be allowed to write off all ticket fees as charitable donations, along with all the merch I buy for them and the Funko Pops. However, I will admit that the young man playing Spiderman is perfectly charming and worth all the money I paid to see.


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