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Op-Ed: WHAT Happened to a Good Ol’-Fashioned Lunch Special?

The other day I was watching “Bob’s Burgers” and I saw that on his burger of the day board, it lists the burger as costing $5.95. Are you kidding me? I haven’t seen a lunch special like that in years. Now it’s all $15.99 this and $17.50 that. Lunch is too damn expensive. What happened to a good old-fashioned lunch special?

You may try to tell me that it’s because of the supply chain issues; it is NOT because of that. People just don’t want the pleasure of a nice, cheap and small lunch. These days if I want a burger and fries I have to pay $11. TOO MUCH!

This is NOT because of the economy. It is because demand is too low for lunch specials now. We need to bring them back! I want a hot sandwich and French fries and it should only cost $5.95. It should be even less if I just want soup! But do you know what I see when I try to order soup? $10.95! No soup should cost more than $4, or $2.50 for a cup.

In conclusion: we need to bring back a proper lunch. And it should cost no more than $6 (less for soup, of course).


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