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Passing child sees favorite Disney princess vomit all over herself

UW MADISON— Local mom, Carol George was reportedly “filled with shock and disappointment” this weekend after she and her daughter witnessed first hand, Princess Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast vomit all over herself.

Carol said she was taking her daughter to a friend’s gluten-free themed Halloween party on Saturday when they decided to stop at Fresh Market on University Avenue to pick up some gluten-free pretzels to share. On the night of the incident, she claimed her mind was so caught up on their “Gluten Freaky” party, an idea some of her fellow preschool moms came up with, and not on the potential dangers of on-campus shopping.

“I didn’t think there would be too many rambunctious college students out so early and Fresh Market was on the way. I should have been more cautious”, said Carol regarding the incident.

According to Carol, her daughter, Styphany (pronounced Stephanie), was dressed as Belle, her favorite Disney Princess and was overjoyed to see a “real life Belle” on the sidewalk outside the door.

“She was so excited and eager for an autograph, but when the college-version of Belle began retching, Styphany was wide eyed,” said Carol.

“Poor Styphany was absolutely horrified and began screaming, which clearly frightened college Belle into spewing more violently. Princess Belle was projectile vomiting a few feet from my daughter who naturally has a very weak stomach,” said Carol, adding that Styphany began to throw up as well. “The worst part was the students who crowded around my daughter and the college Belle, recording their vomiting for what I can only presume was up the Youtubes,” Said Carol with tears in her eyes.

“The entire incident definitely tainted my little Styphany” Said Carol. She reported that upon arriving home from the incident, Styphany was insistent on taking down all the Beauty and the Beast decorations from her bedroom.

When asked, Carol assured us that she would not be returning to Fresh Market or the UW campus for a very long time.


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