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Report: Coats Coats COATS!!!

It’s that time of year again where it gets dark early, the leaves are off the trees, and it starts to get cold. The season where inhibitions are lost, weight is gained, and snow angels are made. And no, I am not talking about winter. I’m talking about the best season of all. This, ladies and gentlemen, is COAT SEASON.

Coat season is about more than just parkas and winter jackets. There are so many more layers to it. Coat season is about hiding who you are and what you look like and just being warm and cozy in a big fluffy overshirt filled with fake feathers.

There are SO many types of coats out there; there’s just something for everyone! There are your classic winter parkas, Canada Goose, wool jacket, puffy jackets, leather jackets, bomber jackets, jean jackets, trench coats, pea coats, fur coat, quilted jacket, overcoat, faux-fur coat, evening coat, raincoat, duster, sport coat, windbreaker! Coats, coats, coats! I could just list coats forever!

So in this holiday season while the snow is falling and so are the temperatures, keep in mind what we should all really be thankful for. Not just friends, family, food, shelter, but the real MVP here in our lives. Coats. Without coats we would all just be cold, miserable, and ugly people. This one’s for you coats. Thank you.


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