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Student Unsure If 'Three Hole Punch Jim' Costume Appropriates White Culture

With another Halloween upon us, dialogues continue regarding cultural appropriation. There continues to be disappointment and frustration when students see fellow students dressed in headdresses, geishas, blackface, and furry costumes.

Sophomore Michel Mulligan had reportedly been planning all year to dress up as Jim from The Office for his friend’s Halloween party. He claimed that he saw nothing wrong with the costume at first, and that he “wasn’t trying to offend anyone or anything.” However, after reading an informational poster on what exactly cultural appropriation is, he began to wonder whether or not a 'Three Hole Punch Jim' costume actually appropriated white culture.

According to the informational poster, "Three Hole Punch Jim especially represents most of the straight white male population. With his plain white shirt and neutral tie, creating a costume out of him would inadvertently be appropriating white male culture in particular."

“I really thought about it," said Mulligan. "I realized that The Office is really embedded in white culture, and dressing up as Jim is creating a costume out of a real culture’s identity."


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