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'Thank you for your consideration,' Types Internship Applicant Who Definitely Won’t Be Considered

Junior Zach Kitt sent in his last summer internship application on Saturday. He ported feeling a 'sense of hope' that something would work out, although, let's be real here, his application is dead on arrival.

"I would be an excellent candidate for this position," typed Kitt, unaware of the fact that he has less than 3 years experience in a professional work setting and can't even apply his self prescribed 'adabtability' to figuring out what he's actually going to spend his summer doing.

"My communication skills and strategic thinking will allow me to thrive as an intern for your company," typed Kitt, basically copying a template cover letter that he found on a job site his mom sent him via email.

"Thank you for your consideration," typed Kitt, thinking that by saying so he tricked them into considering his application when in reality he and 120 other applicants ended their cover letters in the same exact way and the position is already going to the CEO's nephew.


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