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These five amazing pictures illustrating how artists see the world

The mind of an artist is as beautiful as it is misunderstood. Below are five sets of pictures illustrating the difference between how average people and artists see the world. We think the results will amaze you.

Here most people would see nothing more than a gazebo.

Look at the difference between the average picture and the artists vision.  No wonder artists get so much inspiration!

Ordinary people will only see graffiti on a wall here. So often we miss the beauty in everyday life.

But the creatives among us will be able to see the deeper meaning in the art, and Darius Rucker, a modern muse, will be apparent to all true artists.

This picture likely invokes a certain soundtrack to the imagery.

The soundtrack being, most certainly, of Darius Rucker and the rest of the Blowfish, Keep strummin,’ Ruckman.

We know what you’re thinking, this is nothing more than a country road. You must not be an artist.

Because if you were, you would be able to see Hootie in the flesh, once again traveling that lonesome road. God bless.

So this can’t be anything other than a perfectly blank canvas right? Think again.

Ask any real artist and they’ll tell you that it’s in fact so much more. They’d see a complete portrait of God’s voice personified, once again perfectly embodying the true American spirit. Play us out Hootie, lord knows you can.


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