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We’re Sowwy: An Official Madison Misnomer Apology for Giving Your Mom a Hickey

Hey guys… I guess you saw, huh? Listen, it’s not what you think. Well, yeah actually it is exactly what you think.

We here at the Misnomer love and respect moms. Most of us have moms (except for the losers that don’t). So it goes without saying that we would never, ever, do anything to hurt a strong, beautiful maternal figure.

That being said, sometimes after a long hard day of being your mom, a job that has no breaks by the way, Mrs. YourLastName needs a little R & R. And who are we as a registered student organization to deny such pleasures?

So, here it is: We’re so, so sowwy that we gave your mommy a wittle hickey on her neck. A lot sits on those shoulders! We’re just trying to lighten the load… sucking it out…..through her skin. We can’t promise it won’t happen again. The milfs always come back to the Misnomer.


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