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Whom Let the Dogs Out? Why Flip-Flops Work Best in This Weather

In case you haven’t noticed, it’s cold. Slightly crisp. Very nippy. Brr, I say!

You may want to reach for the classic snow boot, or water-resistant athletic sneakers, but you will find that your feet are protected, soft, and babied.

But if you want to assert your midwestern dominance, it’s important that you do not fall into the coastal habit of not being able to tolerate the cold. Instead reach for your Old Navies, your Birks, and potentially (if the situation calls for it) your Crocs. Let those dogs breathe!

Now, people may claim that you’re “just doing it to show off” or that “there’s no way that you are actually comfortable.” But if you’re truly a real one, you won’t even feel it. They also may say some silly things like “are your toes always that color?” “You’re literally getting frostbite,” “We need to take you to a hospital,” or even “Dude! Did your toe just fall off in my car?” Understand that they are all empty claims, and that they’re just jealous of your manliness. All you have to do is walk away and walk it off.

So next time the weather reaches into the negatives, remember the rule of big toe: sandals are the way to go.


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