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5 Dance Moves from 'Joker' YOU Can Learn Too

You’ve seen it on every billboard and heard it from every newspaper boy yelling from the street corner. Moviegoers are buzzing about Joker, and it’s easy to see why: at its core, it tells the inspiring story about a tortured man who finds solace in dance. Some say it’s the best thing to happen to the art form since Step Up 2: The Streets. Here are 5 dance moves from Joker that anyone can learn with just 10 minutes and and an unstable psyche:

The Bone Grinder

Although Arthur performs this move as a solo act, methinks it could be best adapted to a tango for two. Picture this: you’re in a club, swaying to a Boyz 2 Men slow jam when suddenly you feel a warm presence behind you, and before you can turn to look you feel sinewy ribs grating against your spine. How romantic! This is the new, improved, and abdomen-oriented form of grinding, so get your special someone to try it out with you next time you hit the town. If you’re doing it right, the grindee should feel like they’re getting felt up by water balloon full of bird bones. 

Sign Spin n’ Smack

Come for the sign spinning fun, stay for getting decked with your own livelihood by a group of pubescent boys. This move has charm and thrills, perfect for someone with a flare for the dramatic. Make it a group number: ask some friends to fuck you up beyond all measure.  Or have it happen organically by walking to your neighborhood Perkins at 9 PM on a Tuesday. You know how kids are!


Get some moist saggy briefs to hang off those moist saggy cheeks, and krump like your life depends on it! Just as water runs off of Arthur’s voluptuous form, so too is this move dripping with confidence. So pull it out next time you’re at a pool party, sweaty rave, or YMCA locker room, and you’ll be sure to attract attention. Show off! The more those drawers cling to your crack the better, and even if you don’t have the technique down, your “dancing juice” is sure to drench those surrounding you with liquid fun.

Bathroom Beauty

This is one of the most iconic scenes in Joker, and it marks a turning point in Arthur’s journey. Something that most people don’t know, however, is that writer and director Todd Phillips says there’s actually someone in the bathroom with Arthur while he’s doing his Tai Chi, some unfortunate fool who came in earlier to relieve his bowels and then got trapped in his stall because a) he felt like it’d be awkward to walk out while this guy’s in the middle of something and b) he can’t “go” while someone else is in there. This isn’t shown in the film, but Philips says it’s heavily implied, and integral to the scene. So if you want to replicate this beautiful dance, it’s very important that you follow someone into a public restroom to have the right atmosphere. Otherwise, what’s even the point?

The Cupid Shuffle

If you stayed for Joker’s post-credits scene, you were lucky enough to see not one but four Jokers make an appearance for one final dance number. That’s right, Leto, Nicholson, and even Ledger joined in to perform Cupid’s “Cupid Shuffle” to lighten the mood after that bummer of a movie. If you wanna learn the Cupid Shuffle, just follow these simple instructions: 

To the right (x4)

To the left (x4)

Now, kick! (x4)

Now, walk it by yourself (x2)

Walk it by yourself open to interpretation. Get creative! Leto’s Joker decided it meant that he was going to do the twist while glaring at Phoenix because, dammit, that was his role to play, it’s just not fair. So don’t be afraid to make it your own!


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