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8 Bucky Statues that Will Make You Fail No-Nut November

Almost through November, all of you no-nutters are probably thinking about the one thing you’ve stopped yourself from doing: nutting. Up until this point, you’re still passing, but watch out as you walk around campus―even just the sight of these Bucky Badger statues will have you failing no-nut November in no time. 

1. Visible Bucky

If you’re walking around campus and see this Bucky statue, you better look for the nearest bathroom because your jeans are going to be creamed. Not only does Anatomy Bucky have exposed organs on his right side, but his left side is damn fine. Good luck looking at that small intestine and not nutting. 

2. Bucky Through the Years.

If you were thinking about keeping yourself from nutting this November, don’t look at Bucky Through the Years, especially if, like me, nostalgia is a big nut for you. Bucky will give you a nut that lasts through the years. 

3. Pucky 

Pucky Badger? More like “Ima fucky that hockey player better than Bucky ever could.” That’s right, Pucky not only fucks but will be the reason you fail no-nut November. 

4. Leckrone’s Stop at the Top

Do you love watching those stiff marching band legs snap to attention? If that alone doesn’t make you nut, Leckrone’s Stop at the Top Bucky will be the only reason you’re screaming “don't stop!” tonight. 

5. Lucky Bucky 

Lucky bucky, with that irresistible copper sheen of lucky pennies is a giant nut. Not only will you “get lucky bucky” tonight, but you will be failing no-nut November. 

6. Flamingo Bucky

Flamingoes + Bucky = Big nut. No words necessary. 

7. Graduation Bucky

I don’t know about you, but thinking about graduation is a big nut for me. Not because I’m excited to graduate but because existential dread for the future really makes me nut.

8. Celestial Bucky

Celestial Bucky will give you the time of your life, more profound than the cosmos. A celestial nut is like no other. If even the sight of Celestial Bucky doesn’t make you nut, then the deity that is this statue will give you the time of your life. 


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