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Buttigieg Loses Fake ID, Can No Longer Vote

Not long after a harsh Iowa caucus, the Buttigieg campaign has taken another blow. The go-to campaign slogan, “A Candidate You Can Have a Beer With” has been thrown out and the candidate’s ID has been revoked after being discovered as a fake.

The card was discovered by Max Dechantes, a bartender in Des Moines, who said it raised a red flag when the name on the card was Peter Bootyguy. Furthermore, the Card says Buttigieg is from Iowa, despite Dechantes not knowing him.

“Yep, it was a little weird to see the name, but I wasn’t quite sure, you know how young people are nowadays,” said Dechantes. “ But what really got me was the fact it was printed on the back of a library card. Figured I had to take it at that point.”

In an even larger setback, it was discovered that Mayor Pete can no longer vote as he was born in 2004. The discovery that he will not be voting for himself, and is not legally able to be president, has removed 23% of his voting supporters. In response to this breaking news, the 16-year-old Mayor Pete had only one comment.

“Ya know what, screw you guys. I was just trying to do something cool, get some extra credit for AP Gov. OK boomer, I’m gonna go play some Fortnite. You guys are lame”.


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