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Cool, Relatable Professor says "Fuck" Word

Tired from a long first week of class, freshmen settled into English 100. The lecture soon took an unexpected turn. While teaching about how to write a thesis statement, professor Dylan Newman’s computer shut down mid-presentation, resulting in him dropping a major F-bomb.

Newman was unfazed and continued with his lesson, however the students were left shocked. Giggles could be heard around the classroom as the underclassmen exchanged glances to ensure they hadn’t dreamt it.

“I just couldn’t believe it,” said freshman Dana George. “It all feels very surreal. My high school teachers never swore, it’s kind of exciting.”

Students recall taking out their phones and sending texts to friends and family, spreading the news.

“I texted my best friend right away,” said English 100 student Harold Bennett. “He goes to a different college, so I just had to show him the craziness he was missing at UW. For a teacher to be that chill, it really makes me feel good about my decision to be here.”

Newman, a relatively new professor at UW, did not swear again much to the class’ dismay.

When asked about the incident, Newman appeared confused, responding, “Oh shit, I said fuck? Damn, that’s crazy.”


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