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Earth Fully Healed After One Whole Day of Social Media Attention

The scientific community is in a state of awe this week after their findings show that the Earth, once of the brink of catastrophic climate change and environmental collapse, has been fully healed. Their findings show that this drastic change can be attributed to an entire days worth of social media attention on Earth Day.

“It’s amazing” said lead researcher Dr. Jane Hempstead. “We had no idea that the 14 billion pounds of garbage dumped into the ocean every year could be completely eliminated by sharing a hiking photo with the hashtag #SaveTheEarth.”

With the threats of global warming, climate change, superstorms, mass flooding, food shortages, and air and water pollution now suddenly gone, scientists around the world are thanking members of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for their tireless effort in posting pictures of mountains and trees.

“We couldn’t have done it without them” says Dr. Hempstead. “Posting a picture of a mountain with the caption ‘Not all who wander are lost’ we found had a direct correlation with lowering global temperatures. This effect was even greater if the picture was of a white girl in a wide brimmed hat looking at some foggy pine trees.”

With the Earth’s health back in full swing, humans can once again enjoy nature’s fine beauty and not being held accountable for their actions for generations to come.


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