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Elderly Stranger Even Chattier Than Expected

On a routine trip to her local grocery store, nurse Andrea Wilson struck up a conversation with a nearby elderly shopper. Unfortunately, this particular elderly stranger was far chattier than she could have feared.

“I know old people love to chat about everything, and that’s fine” said Wilson. “But good lord this lady was cut above the rest. I’m pretty sure I now know more about her grandsons than I know about my own kids.”

The elderly stranger, Helen Neider, has reportedly been in a state of non stop chatting since the birth of her son, Dave, who is healthy for a forty nine year old man but should still be taking better care of himself, back in 1969, which was the same year that Neiders dog, Charlie, a boston terrier mix, spilled all those drinks at Louis’ birthday party. Charlie, Neider reassured, was a great dog, even though her late husband Ben, claimed never to have a liked him. Helen and Ben met in 1961 at a get together planned by a mutual friend of theirs. Helen reportedly was originally not going to attend the event, but decided to go after a friend of hers, Betty (who by the way, was only going so she could see that no good boyfriend of hers Lance, who we all knew was going to end up in jail at some point) convinced her to go at the last minute. Neider didn’t think too much of Ben at first, but after a few dates she started to warm up to him. Lord knows that he never learned how to cook though, despite Helen’s attempts to teach him. Talking about Ben’s cooking reminded Helen that she needed to grab some more baking powder, which she almost forgot, for her grandson’s graduation party this weekend. He, according to Neider’s accounts, is one of the smartest boys in his class, and so handsome too. It’s a shame that old girlfriend of his dumped him. What he really needs, according to Helen, is a nice catholic girl who knows a good man when she sees one.


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