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'Feat of Human Achievement' Can't Even Handle a Little Untethered Hellfire

I guess there’s an old church and it’s burning or whatever. Notre Dame apparently has a lot of history and shit, so if it burns so does French history, whatever. Honestly, who cares though? Churches are so fucking old anyway. At this point, God is probably just saying something about Catholicism. Anyway, this old-ass church is fucking burning who cares lol.

Apparently the French president left a meeting to watch it burn. Fucking bitch-ass shit. If an American left a meeting they’d be fired that’s all I’m saying.

No one cared when I burnt my kitchen smoking some sweet kush bro. That’s tragic too. All this church is doing is burning, uh why can’t they just put it out.

All I’m saying is history is fucking lame.


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